The Fitness Suite

Want to know more about the man behind The Fitness Suite? Well here I am for all to see, why I do what I do, what makes me tick and the values at the core of The Fitness Suite.

Lloyd Reid - a.k.a Lloydie

From a young age I was taught to help people up, rather than put them down! which is probably why I chose the direction I did with regard to my career.

I’m a Firefighter in the London Fire Brigade so I’m very active in the community helping people, responding to emergency calls, and yes saving cats in trees if the need arises!

I have also been extremely passionate about fitness and sport from an early age, and played Basketball to a high standard. However I had my career cut short by a cruel knee injury which has resulted in 14 knee operations over the years, but I refuse to give up. 

Why I do what I do

I strive to keep Healthy and strong, allowing me to continue to have an active life and be involved in two careers I love!

I'm no longer motivated by cover model magazine physiques, or bulging muscles I have a far more worthy motivation and one that fills me with joy at the mere thought of it, and that’s my daughters!

I want to be a Dad that’s able to play an active role in their lives now, and well into the future and not be restricted by ill health. (I also don’t always want to be last in the Dad’s race on sports day!)

My Motivation

Im also passionate about the little guy or the underdog, people that could do with a helping hand in life. I want to do my little bit to help others and show my children the value of giving, I suppose I just want to be a positive role model.

I guess my journey is whats led me to open The Fitness Suite, I want to help people in the same position as me, people that want to take charge of their health for the people that matter most, but also help our local community in the process and maybe one day further afield.

But for now I’m going to do my bit to boost the sense of Hillingdon community

My Promise

Far too often in life I find myself caught up in what's going on right under my nose, and fail to see what's going on around me.

Busy lives, stressful jobs or just life in general prevents us from taking a minute to see the person that could really do with a kind word, or a helping hand. Thats why im going to make it my mission to give something back!

I want to find worthy causes and for The Fitness Suite family to do their bit to help, so I will actively seek out these worthy causes and donate 50% of my earnings from Private, Semi-Private & large Group sessions to charity.